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Smart client
Base price:¥200000.00
Workstation introduction: The smart client system includes: smart client, smart client APP. It is attached to the intelligent machine platform of the machine and used for the assembly of various software products within the enterprise, achieves the multi-application intelligent integration, the high efficiency of multi-process free configuration Integrated management system. Client provider friends of circle, blog media, a variety of internal communication than the traditional model, the form of rigorous, wide applicability. Sub-platform creation and page block configuration. It is convenient for users to set up various forms of workbenches on their own. At the same time, the function rights and data rights allocation of the exponential-level user system provide platform isolation for employees. The creation of roles, departments, and project groups integrates collaborative office work into system settings. Provide enterprises with flat and matrix project management functions. The client is divided into two roles: the system administrator and the ordinary user. And the role description will be divided into roles in the specific operation steps.
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