SmartFesto is an international intelligence technology research and development company established in Houston, USA.                        
    The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of foundational artificial intelligence technology. There are more than 200 people in the team, most of whom are former IBM, Microsoft, and Google AI technical experts. It has been jointly applied with products from HDR, Cummins, and Bernard and many other companies in the industry and service sectors. A great of achievements have been achieved so far.                        
    The SmartFesto has world advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, including Guru intelligent industrial technology architecture, SSS social intelligent system,Tagged,Fragmentated, Blocked,Platformization, Centralization, Assembling,Optimizing, Tracking,Standardization and Blockchain, intelligent AI actuarial system, unified certification, service bus, smart tagging operation system, intelligent cross-domain data management Thousands of artificial intelligence technologies, such as systems and intelligent business code robots,with 46 categories of 1980 patents in the field of artificial intelligence, and applied to various fields successfully.                        
    The SmartFesto also has a number of core technologies in the industrial field, chemical oxidation/reduction technology, ectopic thermal desorption technology,solidification/stabilization technology, soil phytoremediation technology and many other soil remediation technologies. Dry flue gas desulphurization, wet flue gas desulfurization and other flue gas treatment technologies; thermal power generation, hydroelectric power generation, wind power generation, solar energy generation, biomass power generation, various energy technologies, biochemical methods, physical chemistry methods, natural treatment methods, etc. Water treatment technology, as well as other industrial core technologies such as energy, chemicals, and industrial parks.                        
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