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Smart power plant
Base price:¥3000000.00
Introduction:China Machine Smart System Corportion use the most advanced Guru intelligent technology architecture to build a smart power plant platform to realize: Equipment multi-source data fusion, establishment of equipment check system, online monitoring system, SIS system, EAM system unified equipment management platform, to achieve Different types of unit data are effectively combined. Realize the closed-loop management from finding problems, analyzing problems, and solving problems. Build on-line monitoring and trend forecasting of equipment operating status. Through the trend prediction of important parameters such as vibration, temperature, and process quantity, the safety management of production equipment can be realized. Improve the predictive maintenance level of power plants, anticipate equipment failures in advance, and improve equipment reliability and safety. Timely warning, timely prevention or elimination of failures, timely guidance for the elimination of operations and maintenance, guarantee the reliability, safety and effectiveness of equipment operation.
Smart power plant
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