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Intelligent label Research And Development Management Platform
In order to solve the shortcomings of the existing technology, we can provide a smart label-based R & D management platform, which can be used to invoke business components and interface components to build functional blocks, quickly build enterprise business platform and work platform, improving the code portability and development efficiency, shortening the development cycle.
Smart City Label Platform
The platform builds functional blocks quickly and enhance the efficiency of platform construction, shorten the build cycle by invoking business components and interface components. This platform eventually generates the city's government platform, people's livelihood platform, industrial platform and personal platform, and can be modified to adjust.
Intelligent Production Enterprise Labelling Equipment Management Platform
The platform improve the production efficiency of the enterprise by using the data source management to add the data source to the application and. The artificial intelligence module is used to build the platform of label and block, including intelligent selection, manual selection and intelligent and artificial mixed selection mode, data intelligence processing and computing and fully realizes the artificial intelligence finally.
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