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Intelligent Integration Platform
Base price:¥200000.00
Workstation introduction: The integration platform provides users with a complete set of self-help tools for building intelligent platforms. The platform includes a website front desk, a management back office, and a website membership center. It supports individuals, cities, and companies with three different types of platforms. The website front desk is a display platform that can be completely customized by users. Users can define their own logos, icons, navigation menus, menu pages, etc. The platform display style and color tone can be defined through the platform decoration of the management center. The website user center provides the website with the functions of membership registration, login, and play platform applications. Through the management background, members can be managed in a unified manner. The management background is the control end of the entire website. The platform supports various application connections and application loading. The application is the operational value of the entire platform. Running all kinds of applications is the core value of the platform.
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