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Smart R&D Platform
Base price:¥200000.00
Workstation Introduction: The R&D platform is centered on intelligence, with the aim of reducing duplication of business development. It aims at fast programming, standardizes project coding, refines business functions, and shortens iterative cycles. The smart R&D platform breaks the traditional development model and pays more attention to the growth of the entire life cycle of the project. The business code is dynamically generated based on functions such as modules, services, data subjects, and page block configurations. It supports custom page layouts, assembly blocks, controls, adding data access agents, configuration attribute parameters, and JS interactions based on UI design renderings. It can execute controls, block resolution intelligently generate business function code; built-in large number of tools and templates for developers to call, module property configuration, provide tool and template list, template configuration, generate business code and front-end JS and page quickly.
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