Intelligent Technology
    SmartFesto has world advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, including Guru intelligent industrial technology architecture, SSS social intelligent system, Tagged, Fragmentated, Blocked, Platformization, Centralization, Assembling, Optimizing, Tracking, Standardization and Blockchain, intelligent AI actuarial system, unified certification, service bus, smart tagging operation system, intelligent cross-domain data management Thousands of artificial intelligence technologies, such as systems and intelligent business code robots, with 46 categories of 1980 patents in the field of artificial intelligence, and applied to various fields successfully.
    Power Engineering
    Electric power engineering that is related to the production, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy, which also broadly includes the application of electricity as a power and energy source in various fields. We possess the key technologies such as thermal power plant VR technology and APS start and stop in thermal power, hydropower, wind power, solar power generation, etc.
    Water treatment
    Our wastewater treatment technologies include biochemical methods such as activated sludge, biological biodegradation, and mixed biological methods; physical and chemical methods such as particle filtration, activated carbon adsorption, chemical precipitation, and membrane filtration, etc.; natural treatment methods, such as stable pond method, oxidation ditch method, constructed wetland method, and chemical color can be used as resin treatment method.
    Bioenergy, also known as clean new energy, is called green energy. Its greatest feature is that it does not cause environmental pollution after combustion, which is conducive to maintain ecological balance. We have biosolid molding technology, biodiesel green production technology, the replacement of natural gas technology, etc.
    Soil remediation
    We take soil remediation technology of I2M&Reardon in the US as our blueprint, integrate advanced technologies and concepts from other international environmental fields, and cooperate with famous domestic universities and research institutes to conduct new technology research and development. We can provide a series of complete repair solutions to our clients, including site surveys, risks assessment, process selection, program development, engineering design, project implementation, completion acceptance, commercial operations.
    Flue gas treatment
    The flue gas can be recycled through purification treatment to meet the emission standards. The large amount of smoke emitted during the non-ferrous metal smelting process contains gaseous pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, fluoride, chlorine, and mercury, which pollute the atmosphere and destroy the ecological balance. These gaseous pollutants must be fixed and converted into beneficial products to achieve the purpose of eliminating pollution and altering damage. We have spray drying desulfurization method, wet flue gas desulfurization, calcium spray in the furnace plus tail gas humidification activation desulfurization.
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