GURU Intelligent Industrial Architecture
GURU Intelligent Industrial Architecture is an all-in-one industrial technology framework for the processing of signal data from equipment to cloud data applications. It supports signal data transmission, and electronic data collection and transition under the common industry communication protocols. With the conversion, it can realize cross-platform and multi-language application system development on computers and various terminals, information processing and cloud computing applied to the Internet and common network protocols; and build various intelligent platforms based on tags, fragmentation, and decentralization, which can dynamically create organizations and assign permissions to implement user-defined workflows and work scenarios, and build a human-computer interactive social intelligent industrial system platform.                        
                                                                     Guru Smart Device          
                                                                     Guru Communication Protocol                        
                                                                     Guru Electronic Chip                        
                                                                      Guru Interface                        
                                                                     Guru Data Collection                        
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